Must Haves for Baby #2

Are you about to have baby #2? If you are anything like me, you have a lot less time to think about and prepare for this baby than you did for your first. In fact, my water broke 4 days before my scheduled c-section, and I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE MY BAG PACKED!!

Really?!? What was I thinking? My husband rushed home to take me to the hospital and was mortified to find me running around the house packing a bag while I held a towel between my legs to catch the water that was still trickling out.

At least we have a fun story to remember and tell! Anyways, hopefully you are more prepared than I was! I’m here to help you the best that I can. Now that we are almost a month in with baby #2 I thought I would share some of my must-haves for 2 kiddos.

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Must haves for baby number two


Must haves for baby number two- haakaa
I’m still not sure how you pronounce it? But it is amazing!

This little gem has blown my mind! If you are nursing your baby, this is a must in my eyes! I still use my electric pump before I go to bed and sometimes in the morning to build up a stash and help empty my breasts, but I don’t pump near as often as I did after baby #1. The Haakaa helps me store some extra milk with minimal effort or time required.

How does it work? While my little one is nursing on one side, I suction the Haakaa to the other side and then literally do NOTHING! When my milk lets down, some milk comes out in the Haakaa. Then, when I switch baby to the other side I also switch the Haakaa.

In one normal nursing session I may get 2 ounces or more to freeze. Plus, the milk that is expressed into the Haakaa would likely be milk that you would waste in a nursing pad via leaking. Just think…You could just use it a few times during the day and have enough extra milk for an entire bottle feeding! Totally worth it to me.

A Baby Carrier (One that you actually like)

Before I had my first baby, I registered and was gifted one of those super popular baby wraps. Many women seem to like those, but I was not a fan of mine. It was complicated to use and super hot for me and baby. My wrap was used maybe twice before I decided it just wasn’t a good fit for me.

This time I knew I would need free hands to help my toddler while also caring for the new baby. I asked around and decided to give the Baby K’tan a try. I absolutely LOVE this one! It is super easy to use (without help from someone else).

My first outing with both boys by myself was to our local library for story time for my toddler. My baby slept comfortably the entire time in the carrier. He was comfy and, as an added bonus, my back felt so much better holding him with the carrier than holding him without.

Now that I am healing and have started picking up on more chores around the house, the wrap is perfect when baby really wants to be held but I have things to do. Also, when my toddler begs me to push him outside in the swing, I can easily push him while baby sleeps on me in the carrier.

I can’t say enough how much I love the baby k’tan!

Double Stroller

This one was difficult for me to decide on. I knew I didn’t want a super wide double stroller; however, I knew I would probably regret not getting something that both kids could ride in. My toddler is super active and independent, so I looked into options for him to be able to “hop on” and “hop off.”

After reading reviews and asking friends, we decided on the Graco Room for 2 Click Connect Stand and Ride stroller. So far, so good for us.

We decided to get it out of the box a few weeks before baby to try it out and show it to our oldest. He was super excited to try it out and actually begged us to take him on a walk with it. We made him wait until brother was here too, but he seems to really enjoy being able to sit like a “big kid” and get out on his own easily.

Multiple Changing Stations

This actually probably should have been first on the list now that I really think about it. With my first baby we lived in a smaller house and I obviously didn’t have a toddler to entertain all day so this wasn’t as big of a deal. This time around it seems like we hop from room to room all day depending on the current activity that interests my toddler.

That being said, we have 3 different areas in our house at the moment that are set up for a quick and easy diaper change. (Unless a certain little baby decides to pee everywhere in the middle of being changed…that ends in a mess no matter where you are!)

First, we have a changing table in his nursery equipped with absolutely everything you could need. Then, we have a designated area in our bedroom, especially useful for night changes. Here we ended up using our bassinet, since we cannot get baby to sleep in it AT ALL. We keep a portable changing pad on it and keep the pockets stocked with diapers, wipes, and Desitin. Finally, we have a basket in our family room (which is connected to the playroom) that is stocked with the same items.

Having several changing areas makes it easier to keep an eye on both kids during a diaper change and keeps me from having to constantly go up and down the stairs. Recovering from a c-section is no joke and avoiding the stairs as much as possible at first was crucial to me!

Must haves for baby number two

Other Ideas?

What about you? Do you have any items or ideas that saved you when baby #2 made his or her entrance? Please, feel free to share! I am in the beginning stages of life with multiple kiddos and am always grateful for the advice. We can learn together.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog! Also, check out this post for ideas to increase your first child’s independence before welcoming your new baby.


4 must haves for baby number two
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